Why did we start this blog?

The purpose of CreativeScholar was to enlighten individuals (mainly young professionals) on the tools of the trade. These tools range from basic life changes to big decisions. All in moderation, you will begin to see things differently. It might even sound a little too over the top. But to be in a position where you feel trapped, cornered and the feeling of your life not being progressive is the absolute worst.

CreativeScholar aims to be different. Not only giving you tips on improving your lifestyle, but also financial advice, as well as health and fitness routines. Top it all off with some simple wardrobe changes. To add some sprinkle, we even recommend what kind of books you should read, just so you don’t have to shuffle through the library.

Our tagline “Experience Meets Wisdom” speaks to our people who have experience, and now seeking wisdom. Two and two certainly go together.

CreativeScholar aims to help you achieve the highest of success in your journey, and narrow your focus on what’s necessary. While you are the judge of your aspirations, we can help you get started. Good luck and a happy new year to you!

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