Importance Of Reading

Personal development is a very broad topic and often bridges to a lot of different ideas and sub-topics. These topics may range from time management, fitness, career advancement to things such as hygiene and wardrobe.

However, each of the above-mentioned goals are properly fulfilled through patience. For an individual who has never been able to cope with any form of patience will have a hard time to get started. 

There is no reason to discourage anyone from going the distance and pushing themselves, because life gives us various examples on how great it is to push yourself. The uncertainty lies in the long-term outcome.

Unfortunately, many individuals abandon their goals, and not wanting to proceed with their initial plans. All because they lack the motivation or the discipline.

However, theres a trick to overcome this, and its reading. Reading may seem like an exhausting task, and not something which is favored by everyone. The benefit here though is that theres free will for us all to choose what to read. It can be anything from blog posts, comic books, magazines, news articles, textbooks, fictional novels, and even the fine print in the terms-and-conditions section of a given website.

The purpose of reading is to condition your mind and increase its attention span. An increase in the attention span allows you to be more focused on tasks. With more focus, you complete your tasks effectively and efficiently.

Reading also helps you sleep better. Research shows that reading distracts you from your current problems, and it helps you relax. 

The only downside to this may be that you may forget to put away your reading material or turn off your lamp.

In addition, reading also helps you reduce overall stress, and increase your knowledge along with vocabulary. The idea, however, is not to binge an entire book. Its to simply read bits of  your material till you are finished. 

This is much similar to a body goal. You start light, eventually working your way to heavier weights. Overtime, you increase your strength to lift more.

The most important reason of all is that you have a better emotional intelligence. Reading fiction allows you to immerse yourself in a world different from your own. Reading the emotions based on the situations laid out in the novel will help you understand how to respond and act when you encounter a similar incident. 

In short, reading has absolutely zero known negative impacts. 

The recommended time for starters is reading between 10 to 30 minutes a day. Overtime, you may notice an increase in intellect and while you wont notice these changes immediately; over the span of a month, you may perceive situations slightly differently. As long as you’re consistent with your reading quota.

We hope you find a great read, but if you are confused about where you wish to begin, feel free to check our reviews. We will always give our opinions on what we think of the book, and will always suggest it, if we are willing to publish it.

Good luck young scholar!



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